Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soy Candles for Clunkers at Moneypenny's Soysations!

Introducing our new in-store promotion, Soy Candles for Clunkers! Do you have candles in your house that are a disappointment to you? They tunnel, they soot, no hot throw or no cold throw?? If you bring those with you and half of the wax is still left or it is half burned, we will trade you for a 25% discount off any one of our candles! Bring us as many "clunkers" as you like to Moneypenny's Soysations at 68 Hillcrest Dr. in Clinton, Il. and recieve 25% off for each one and enjoy our pure soy, clean burning candles in their place! We know you won't miss them and you can experience the joy of soy like so many of our very satisfied customers!

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